Our Campaign

After prayerful consideration, we have chosen RSI Church Solutions to guide us in meeting our goals. Our consultant Mark Blackmore spent 20 years in the ministry, and 15 years supporting church capital campaigns across the country.

We now join hands and hearts in our commitment to furthering God’s work.


  • Repair roof, masonry, exterior waterproofing
  • Restore remaining stained glass windows
  • Restore leaded windows in the CE/Office wing
  • Caulk foundation along alley
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Install security camera in alley


  • Energy efficient lighting for sanctuary and CE wing
  • Repair and painting of water-damage areas
  • Chapel painting & floor covering
  • Encapsulate old asbestos insulation
  • Improvement of sanctuary sound system
  • Refurbish PW Lounge

Climate Control Systems

  • Air-condition sanctuary
  • Repair heating system
  • Repair plumbing system
  • Air-condition kitchen and dining areas
  • Air-condition chapel

Supporting our Youth

  • Support Pine Springs Camp’s construction of new dining and recreation facilities
  • Replace church van

Total Estimated Cost: $1,250,000